About Us

Siedhoff Distributing Co. is a 66 year old family owned business in Union, Missouri.

Where building a business on good quality products and reliable customer service is very important to us.

Virgil L. Siedhoff started the business in 1954 delivering milk in glass bottles door to door.

Since then he has seen many changes in the dairy industry and has seen a steady growth in the business.

When joining Prairie Farms Dairy in 1981, the company’s territory covers approximately a 55 mile radius of Union. This includes eight daily milk routes and one ice cream route. All delivering to supermarkets, schools, nursing homes, convenience stores and restaurants.

In 1987, the company saw an opportunity to expand to another phase. They started a refrigerated trucking division. That division started out and has now grown to 55 trucks and 90 refrigerated trailers that service a 48 state region, mainly delivering food related products and specializing in deep frozen loads.

In 2005, the company expanded and built a new four bay drive through truck service center. There they not only service their own fleet of trucks, but are a full service repair center to any outside business.

Siedhoff Distibuting Co. consist of 10 family members and 80 full time employees.